Sam Fancher may have wanted a boy when Sammy was born, but he raised his daughter as he would have his son. At a time when girls wore dresses and played with dolls, Sammy was helping her family gather wild mustangs in the Arizona desert.

Her extraordinary abilities with a horse and a rope became apparent when she began roping calves and eventually winning in the Rodeo Cowboys team roping event. In 1968, the Rodeo Cowboys Association created a rule, barring women from competition. In order to right this wrong, Sammy was nominated for induction into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame.

“I’d love nothing more than to be in the hall of fame before I die.” Sammy smiled, but knew the odds were against her.

“Cowboy Girl examines the life of a great cowboy who just happened to be a girl and her lasting impact on future generations.” James Caan

“Sammy was my stunt double while filming Comes A Horseman. She was beautiful, yet one of the most capable cowboys on set.” Jane Fonda


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