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It’s been the year from hell for Jessica Williams. Her cheating husband not only bankrupted them—he’s been indicted. Now the rat bastard has disappeared. Thank God for Nana. Jess couldn’t survive without the old woman’s wisdom and brutal honesty. But when Nana is arrested and held responsible for the largest mass murder in Calaveras County history that honesty looks very doubtful.


As the oldest inmate at the county jail, Nana also holds the honor of being the only suspected serial killer ever housed there. When Nana is granted deathbed visitation, Jess wants the truth. All of it. At least she thinks she does. But after Nana confesses to bone-chilling secrets so horrifying, Jess begins to question everyone and everything, including her own sanity. Nana could be lying, Jess thinks, but why?


Armed with jagged pieces of the ugly truth, does Jess have the courage to forgive and hunt down a sadistic monster even if even if it kills her? Even if it’s someone she loves?


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